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How many Earth twins are out there? Hundreds possibly

NASA’s recent discovery of Kepler-186f, the first habitable Earth-sized planet is big news in humankind’s long search for extraterrestrial life.

A universe full of exoplanets: Thanks to the Kepler Space Telescope, which was launched in 2009 to hunt planets across the universe, we’ve managed to find around 1800 exoplanets so far, many of which have been discovered in just the last year or so.

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Ward Roberts - Billions (Hong Kong Reflections)

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carina nebula, about 8000 light years away, 50 light years long in this false colour image. bright star in second panel is about 100-150 times the mass of the sun.

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Our Cosmic Addres

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Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey 

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The countdown of Cosmos

Tomorrow, it happens.

I encourage everyone to tune in Sunday!